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Sunday, August 11, 2013


So, I've been debating for a long time as to whether or not I should start a blog.  I decided that I definitely did want to write a blog, but didn't think I had anything to write about that others would want to read about. Then it hit me, why don't I simply share my what's on my mind and heart? Mostly this has to do with my multicultural life and my passions for serving others.  Even if this blog only reaches a few people and touches their hearts, I will be pleased.  So, here we go.

First I just wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Bethany and I am a happy wife and mother to a wonderful dog named Chloe.  I grew up living my first ten years of life in Belgium followed by the next seven years in South Africa.  After this, I moved to the States for college where I met my husband and are living in the Orlando area.  Other than my own multicultural experiences growing up, I am still learning new things about the world and other cultures through my husband who is Taiwanese and grew up in Paraguay.  Between the two of us, we have a lot of different cultural experiences that has brought out an interest and desire to learn more and experience more.

I am currently challenging myself with learning the Taiwanese culture, cooking, and learning Mandarin so that I can communicate better with my in-laws and hopefully one day be able to handle my own when I find myself in Taiwan.  So, I invite you to join me as I venture forth and learn more.

Peace and love be with you all,
    – Bethany <3

My sweet baby, Chloe :)

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