Itching to Travel

Sunday, February 16, 2014

As someone who has traveled (a lot) throughout my life, it should not be surprising that I find myself itching international traveling.  I'm talking about wanting to get a new stamp in my passport.
to travel again.  In the past six months I have traveled from Orlando, FL to Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, and on a cruise to the Bahamas, but its not really enough for me.  For a lot of people would consider that traveling and would be content to stay at home for a while afterwards.  However, I feel like these are very small trips and they have done nothing to feed my hunger to travel.  When I talk about traveling, I mean

When I got married 2009, I quickly got a new passport with my new name in case we ever needed to go to Paraguay at a moment's notice to be with my husband's family.  Although I am very grateful not having had to use my passport for an emergency, I'm quite disappointed to have not had a need for it at all. I have never had a passport go unused with no stamps for any long period of time. Now I've had an empty passport for over four years. 

I have been going a little bit crazy lately with my desire to travel.  Almost on a daily basis I will look up the cheapest flights to Taiwan and do research on fun things to do and sights to see.  Taiwan is definitely my current dream destination, but I have also looked up flight prices to China, South Africa, and even Spain (I'm not really picky, I just want to go somewhere).  I know that I won't actually be going to any of these destinations any time soon, but a girl can dream, right?

Thankfully, in July my husband and I will be joining my family on a Norwegian cruise so I won't go too crazy.  I am so very excited about this trip.  My grandparents are taking their four children, all the grandchildren, and great grandchildren on a beautiful seven night cruise.  We will get to spend each day at a different port, exploring the awesome sites and we will get to see the home where my dad and his siblings grew up in Norway.  If that weren't exciting enough, my immediate family will be staying an extra day after the cruise and spend the day in Belgium so that we can re-explore some of our favorite places and show our significant others where we lived for ten years.

I am so excited about this trip, exploring new sites and experiencing new things.  So, what about you? Do you ever get an itch to travel? Have you gone anywhere exciting or do you have a dream destination? If so, feel free to leave a comment.  I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Bethany, you are a wonderful writer. Your explanations of a TCK are excellent. So, when I ask a TCK where they're from I'll understand their answer. And honestly I am a little envious the Lord has used you and your family in magnificent ways, that most of us home grown folks will never comprehend. Thanks for sharing!