March: Holidays Around the World

Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy March! When many people think about the month of March, the color green and four-leaf clovers often come to mind.  Yes, St. Patrick's Day is a fun holiday that is celebrated in March, but have you ever thought about what holidays the rest of the world celebrates in this month? Well, for you curious minds, let me enlighten you.

March 1
  • Heroes' Day (Paraguay) - This holiday is celebrated nationwide across Paraguay.  It is also known as National Defense Day. This day was originally set aside to commemorate the brave soldiers of the Paraguay army  and their leader, Marshal Francisco Solano Lopez, of the Paraguayan War.  Now this day has been extended to honor all of Paraguay's veterans and soldiers.
  • Independent Movement Day (Korea) -  This holiday celebrates the nation's declaration of independence from the Japanese colonization in 1919.  This day commemorates the men and women who died during the Independent Movement.  
March 2
  • Adwa Day (Ethiopia) - Ethiopia is an African country that has managed to keep European domination at bay for centuries.  Adwa Day celebrates the Ethiopian victory of the Battle of Adwa in 1896 against invading Italian troops.
  • Independence Day (Morocco) - On this day Morocco celebrates their independence of France in 1956.
  • Peasants' Day (Myanmar) - Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is bordered by China, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh, and India.  This small country used to be the largest exporter of rice in Asia and has now broadened their crop exports farther.  Without the peasants working the fields, the agricultural success of the country would not have been possible.  Peasants' Day is a national holiday to celebrate the peasants that have contributed to Myanmar's economy.
March 3
  • Discovery Day (Guam) - This holiday has been officially renamed, "Guam History and Chamorro Heritage Day".  This day originally celebrated the discovery of the island in 1521.  However since the Chamorro people were already residing on the island before it was 'discovered', the holiday now commemorates the history and people of the island.
  • Liberation day (Bulgaria) - This holiday celebrates the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman rule under the Treaty of San Stefano in 1877 at the end of the Russo-Turkish War.
  • Martyr's Day (Malawi) - This day commemorates the lives lost during Chilembwe's rebellion against British rule in 1915.  
  • National Unity Day (Sudan) - Each year Sudan celebrates the peace and unity of their country after the strife and suffering of their civil war.
March 6
  • Independence Day (Ghana) - Ghana celebrates their independence.  In 1957, Ghana became the first African nation to gain independence from their colonial power of the United Kingdom.
March 8
  • International Women's Day (Worldwide)  - This holiday is recognized worldwide to highlight the economic, political, and social achievements of women.  In recent years it has also been used as a day to raise awareness of the women in countries who are being abused and killed daily.
March 9
  • Baron Bliss Day (Belize) - This day is celebrated in honor of Baron Bliss.  Although he was never able to stepped foot on country's soil, he was treated kindly by the Belizeans while aboard ship suffering from food poisoning.  Before passing away, Baron Bliss changed his will and left almost $2 million in a trust fund for the Belizeans.
March 10
  • Commonwealth Day - The Commonwealth is a voluntary society of 53 independent countries.  On this holiday, the Commonwealth nations celebrate their common bonds and their contributions to a global harmonious environment.  This holiday is observed on the second Monday of March each year. Commonwealth Day will be celebrated on March 10 this year.
March 11
  • Independent Restoration Day (Lithuania) - This holiday celebrates their independence in 1990 from their 46 years of Soviet occupation.
  • Moshoeshoe's Day (Lesotho) - This holiday is celebrated in honor and remembrance of this small country's founder, King Moshoeshoe I.  Interestingly this used to be celebrated on March 12, as it was wrongly believed that the founder's birthday was on this day.  
March 12
  • Youth Day (Zambia) - Zambia celebrates this day in recognition of youth entrepreneurship. 
  • Independence Day (Mauritius) - The island nation off the southeast coast of Africa celebrates this holiday in recognition of their independence from Great Britain in 1968.
  • Renovation Day (Gabon) - This holiday, also known as National Day, is held in commemoration of the establishment of the Gabonese Democratic Party in 1968.
March 15
  • J.J Robert's Birthday (Liberia) -  This holiday celebrates the birthday of the West African country's first and seventh president, Joseph Jenkins Robert.
March 16
  • Purim - Purim is a Jewish holiday celebrated on the 14th day of Adar every year in commemoration of Jewish people in the ancient Persian Empire.  This story has been recorded in the Book of Esther. This year, 2014, this holiday will begin at sundown on March 15 and continue until sunset on March 16. 
March 17
  • St. Joseph's Day - This is a Catholic holiday held in commemoration of St. Joseph, husband to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  In Colombia this holiday is celebrated on the Monday closest to March 19, this year, 2014, this day is March 17.
  • Evacuation Day (Boston,  Massachusetts) - This holiday is observed in the Boston, Massachusetts area in commemoration of the  evacuation of British forces from the city of Boston following the Siege of Boston, early in the American Revolutionary War.
  • St. Patrick's Day - Traditionally, Ireland celebrates this holiday in commemoration of the Patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. Today the holiday celebrates Irish culture in general by the Irish and the Irish-at-heart all over the world.
March 18
  • Aruba Day (Aruba) - Each year Aruba celebrates the existence of their national anthem, "Aruba Dushi Tera", and flag on this official holiday.
  • Marien Ngouabi Day (Congo) - This holiday is held in commemoration of Congo's military President, Marien Ngouabi, on this day in 1977.
March 20
  • Independence Day (Tunisia) - This holiday celebrates the day that this North African country was liberated from its former French colonizer in 1956.
  • Nowruz (Iran) - Originally a Persian holiday, this day is celebrated in Iran and some other cultures in the Middle East and South Asia as the  New Year in the Solar Hijri calendar (or Islamic calendar).
March 21
  • Benito Juarez's Birthday (Mexico) - This holiday is celebrated in commemoration of Benito Juarez's contribution towards establishing the base for modern Mexico.
  • Youth Day (Tunisia) - This holiday is held in honor of the youth of Tunisia.  It coincides with United Nation's International Youth Day held on August 12, only celebrated earlier in the year. 
March 22
March 23
  • Pakistan Day (Pakistan) - Pakistan celebrates this holiday in commemoration of the Lahore Resolution and the anniversary of the day in 1959 that the republic was declared.
March 25
  • Africa Liberation Day - This holiday is celebrated by African communities around the world.  It celebrates the anniversary of the founding of the Organization of African Unity in 1963 and raises political awareness in African countries.
  • Annunciation (Liechtenstein) - This day is exactly nine months before Christmas and celebrates the incarnation of Jesus Christ.  This is an official holiday in the small European country.
  • Independence Day (Greece) - This holiday commemorates the start of the War of Greek Independence in 1821.
March 26
  • Independence Day (Bangladesh)  - This holiday celebrates Bangladesh's declaration of independence from Pakistan in 1971. 
March 27
  • Armed Forces Day (Myanmar) - The small Southeast Asian country commemorates the founding of their modern Burmese military.
March 29
  • Boganda Day (Central African Republic) - This holiday commemorates the passing of Central African Republic's leading nationalist politician, Barthélemy Boganda, in 1959.
March 31
  • Freedom Day (Malta) - This holiday commemorates the end of the Defense Treaty with Britain and the day that the last of the British troops left the small European island.
  • Nyepi (Indonesia) - This day, also known as the Balinese "Day of Silence" that celebrates the Hindu Saka new year.  This day is decided by the Hindu Saka calendar. This year, 2014, the holiday is on March 31.


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