April Playlist

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I have been planning on blogging about some different music that I have been listening to each month.  Sadly, this is only my second music post and I am already behind.  I do plan on being better about it in the future though.  This past month has been pretty busy for me, doing all kinds of different things, and my musical taste has been pretty spread out to accompany my activities and mood.

1.  上愛唱的歌 (The Love Song) - 陶喆 (David Tao)

I love David Tao. I shared some about him in my February Playlist post.  This song is actually 
in Taiwanese, not in Mandarin.  This song was released on his latest album, Hello Goodbye. 
I find this song very soothing and like to listen to it while I'm winding down for the evening.

2.  Ukulele - 周杰倫 Jay Chou


Jay Chou is a very famous Chinese singer and actor.  He has released multiple albums and has starred in both movies and television series in China and Taiwan.  Even if you aren't familiar with Chinese celebrities, you might recognize Jay Chou from the Green Hornet movie that was released back in 2011.  This song comes from his latest album, Opus 12, which was released in 2013. I like this song because it is fun to listen to and the lyrics are actually really sweet too.  You can find the English translation of the lyrics here.  

3. 好不好 (Be With Me) - 蔡旻佑 (Evan Yo)


 I really like this song a lot.  It is from the soundtrack of the Taiwanese television show Fabulous Boys.  The show is really good too.  I had read manga that the story is based off of, watched the Korean version (You're Beautiful), and then was very excited to find out that Taiwan finally aired their version in 2013.  Maybe I like this song so much because I like the story, but even without the show, I think its great. You can find the English translation of the lyrics here.

4. 誰知道 (Who Knows) - 蔡旻佑 (Evan Yo)


 Here is another Evan Yo song.  This song comes from his latest album, Super Yo, that was released in October 2012.  Evan Yo is an award winning Taiwanese Mandopop singer-songwriter and an incredible violinist.   Since really starting his career with Sony Music Taiwan in 2006, he has released four albums, contributed to two television show soundtracks, and has acted in two television shows.  I think what I really like is the jazz influence that is in this song.  

5.  Better Me - 薛凱琪Fiona Sit 


I absolutely love this song.  I think it is beautiful and the words are really encouraging and inspiring and came from a dark and painful place in her life.  Fiona Sit is a Chinese Cantopop (Cantanese) singer and Hong Kong actress, though as seen here, she also does sing some songs in Mandarin.  Since starting her career she has starred in multiple television show and movies and has released thirteen albums.  This song comes from her latest album, Felicious, released in 2013.  You can find the English translation of the lyrics here.

These are just a few of the songs that I enjoy listening to.  Stay tuned each month as I add more music. Enjoy! :)

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