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Monday, August 26, 2013

大家好!Hello everyone!

Its one of my favorite times of year again.  I have always loved school and the start of a new school year has always been something I looked forward to.  Now that I've graduated from college I don't get to enjoy that excitement as much anymore.  However, I do attend Chinese school on Saturdays so for me, the start of Chinese school this past Saturday was pretty exciting.  So, I've decided to share with you some of my language learning techniques.

I've been studying Chinese on my own this summer so that I could keep progressing despite the school break.  One of the main things that I do is to surround myself with the Chinese language.  I listen to a Taiwanese radio station and watch Taiwanese TV.  I also try to speak to my husband and in-laws in Chinese as much as possible and make an effort to learn at least fifteen new vocabulary words a week.

Although it is very helpful to surround yourself with the language you are trying to learn, I found that my learning progress slowed down quite a bit during the summer.  My conclusion... if you can take language classes, it will always be more helpful than simply trying to learn on your own.  Having the attention from someone who has experience teaching a language is a key component to language learning.  Especially with a language like Chinese, it is very helpful to have someone who can simplify the language a little and help with my reading and writing.  Also being in a class with other language learners makes practicing to speak a little less intimidating.

So, my tips for anyone trying to learn a language... surround yourself with the language as much as possible, go get language lessons, practice speaking, and make sure to remain motivated and take time to study on your own too. Good luck and enjoy it!

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